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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 11, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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you're done. >> thank you, sweetie. tomorrow we organize bathrooms. >> have an awesome, awesome fun day. bye. i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business and they're nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is nojust to entertain you but to educate you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. when does hope have to be realized? when do we have to see good news from governments around the world to really get behind stocks and do some buying? that's something i heard about a lot the other day when the market refused to tank for most of the day despite the terrible
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chinese data last night and finally took a turn for the worse in the later afternoon and nasdaq declining 1.03%, including a big hit in apple. even then we weren't down as much as the pessimists thought we should be and will be for that matter. we keep waiting, for example, for some sign that the chinese government recognizes the growth rate is slowing rather dramatically. we keep thinking if the europeans would not risk the unity that they've build and the german supreme court would see the common sense writing on the wall and we hope the spanish will ask for a timely bailout. we think germany will try to avoid the depression that people were talking about today. we keep waiting for an all-clear signal in our country on the election and on that dreaded fiscal cliff.
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we know we're backing ben bernanke to deliver the goods this thursday, even though we have no idea what the goods are. we're told again and again this whole fabulous rally is based on hope and therefore could be rolled back on a dime if the german supreme court overturns their right to intervene in europe's appear and ben bernanke does nothing to alleviate fears on the lack of growth in our own own economy. and spain and congress, well, let's just say they do the wrong thing, there goes the hope. no, i'm not buying it. i'm not as pessimistic as that. in part because i look and research individual stocks, not the stock market. sure, there is a percentage of this market that does indeed rely on hope. that said can isolate those stocks riding on hope fumes and then figure out which are riding on a full tank of gasoline. first there's the international morgan stanley and goldman sachs have been moving up.
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they have no real earnings momentum right now. but these international bank stocks are pure hope, hope that the euro is saved and that eventually big businesses like mergers and acquisitions and public offerings come back into favor one day. that's the investment bank side. those stocks are 100% hope. they rely on the cooperation of governments to go higher world wide. they are trading up on the idea that romney can even beat obama because the job numbers are so awful, maybe if romney comes, in we get rid of a lot of that regulation. second, the industrials have been trading up on hope. here's a copper stock directly related to china, 40% of the world's copper is used by china. it has rallied eight straight points. on strength that china has to do something, anything and bad numbers from the people's
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republic like last night will put pressure on the leaders to force growth. i'm addressing the strength in the aluminum stocks later in the show. i would like to welcome caterpillar, cummings, 3m, united technology, i welcome to the hope trade. we've seen no sign whatsoever that this theory has any, any gravitas behind it. even the transports are trading up on hope, hope that the worldwide commerce will pick up. that's how federal express can levitate to where it was. even though the freight index seems to go down by the day. taken en masse, and those are en masse hope stocks, these groups are but a small percentage of the entire u.s. stock market that's rally. that's what matters to me. this is what brings me to the real takeaway.
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i think this rally is not about hope. i think it's about cold, hard facts and believe it or not the facts for many sectors are really pretty darn good. so let's get to those. first, this is a rally about cds, certificates of deposit. the returns you're getting on these are reminiscent of what a checking account used to offer you versus a savings account in the old days. the disparity was so great that you would do anything to keep money out of your checking account. now many people are willing to accept these ridiculous rates for their savings accounts. plus people own bond funds that could get hammered if rates eventually go up. how can they do this in good conscience? but some folks aren't. some folks really get it. some are buying dividend paying stocks because of these low rates, dividends that are safe and big. those investments still work, even if the tax rates raise some dividends next year.
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does anyone think ben bernanke is going to tell people this thursday he's going to raise the rate you get from the treasury note competition to dividends? and think of all the higher yielding stocks in the dow that yield much better than cds, verizon, kraft, coca-cola, proctor. they have better balance sheets than all the countries we're counting on. that is not hope, people, that's fact. how about retail. think about the endless breakouts in these stocks. costco broke out of par. target, walmart, gap, sen sensual action, pbh, vf corp. that is not hope. those moves are based on phenomenal sales, amazing earnings. only jcpenney's move is based on hope as the numbers there are hideous but people want to believe and they chatter about it endlessly. it doesn't matter people, really. or take housing. all the housing related stocks have been on the move.
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and the simple reason is that we are witnessing empirical data, home prices rise in almost every city. when you see that, you put more money into your home, not less. that sends you to the stores. the endless new hires in sherwin-williams, the pant company, whirlpool, owens corning insulation and roofing, stanley black and decker, the home builder, they are all based on cold, hard numbers. that's what we're after. those gains also impact the domestic banks that are keying on lending and lending seems to be coming back, at least if you listen to the largest mortgage company in the country by far, wells fargo. finally there's tech. many pundits think tech dead, is finished, say because of what happened to intel. everyone was hiding in there because of that yield. that didn't work. or nokia. research emotion. del. hewlett packard and microsoft which has its hands on all these nokia phones.
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to me these are side shows. the action until today is in the incredible sales coming from google, apple and amazon. they're really the only tech stocks that matter given that their market caps add up to about $1 trillion. all the other major tech companies added up, all of them, they don't come close to the trio. one could argue amazon's valuation is based on hope because it isn't backed up on earnings. it isn't. it could be if they wanted to. they're just choosing to grow fast. in the meantime, google and apple just aren't expensive stocks on earnings. they're high dollar amounts, which freaks people out. not expensive stocks on earnings relative to the relative stops in the s&p 500. while the weakness will most likely continue for a bit given how hot they've been, this is day one of a bit of a selloff, i think they remain good places not to trade but to invest in. you can keep saving, look, this rally is entirely based on hope.
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if i heard that ten times today, i'm not kidding, hope that the german supreme court will go with the program. while i don't disagree these decisions will matter, and they will matter, the german supreme court matters tremendously, the rallies and the vast majority of stocks i follow don't have much to do with hope at all and everything to do with value, dividend, earnings and sales momentum. that's why you can buy them on this macro-inspired weakness and not sell them. i don't fear the future as much as so many others who think the whole move is predicated on promises, promises that are made to be broken. it's just not true. the move, it's based on facts. let's go to bonnie in my home state of new jersey, please. bonnie. >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call today. >> not a problem. glad you're on. >> caller: thanks. in west caldwell here i'm a big fan of yours and green mountain coffee roaster. not only have i purchased more
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than a dozen of their coffee makers for my home, for my service business and gifts for friends, but i maintain a cafe express subscription. i think their stuff is great, iced drinks, hot drinks. their concept i think is wonderful and there's no full pot of coffee you're pouring down the drain but i was really concerned that our money shouldn't go down the drain. when they went through that 40% debacle, i increased my position and i was happy to see the run-up. what do you think is brewing there now? >> green mountain and i was looking into it for my daughter this weekend at bed, bath and beyond. i was singing the praise of it. i happen to like my keurig very much. she's not a coffee drinker. here's what i have to say. sometimes there are people in this very building at cnbc that i completely defer to because they know something better than i do and i'm not going to pretend i know it better. herb greenberg has really diagnosed the problems in green
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mountain and i think they're worrisome enough that there's a red flag. he is concerned. if herb greenberg is concerned -- i've known herb for almost 20 years -- then i'm concerned. i'm not going to bless your investment. to ron in new jersey. ron. >> caller: booyah, old weizman. kraft, how will it affect my my 401(k)? >> i want to you buy the kraft. there were four arguments today, i think the company is underpromising and they will overdeliver. i want to buy this. stephanie link and i were discussing this. at 38.39, we're pulling the trigger. hope and dreams. rejoice in hope. hope that the fed and china and germany will do the right thing. look, i don't care about hope.
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i care about facts and many of the stocks that have been rallying are based on facts, better earnings, better sales, better growth, better dividends. "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, energized? america's domestic resources are opening up some red hot opportunities in the energy sector. tonight cramer drills down to find a play that may be ready to create some serious value. and later, growth model? retail stocks have been in fashion on wall street, but which companies will stay in style in this fickle space? tonight the hottest models strut their stuff on the runway and cramer decides who's got the right look. plus bidding war? last week american reality capital trust got a takeover bid but with barely any premium, could other suitors be circling around this property? don't miss cramer with the chairman, all coming up on "mad
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money." >> don't miss a second of "mad money." have a question? tweet cramer. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to is sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this?
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>> how is wall street different from the real world? i spend a lot of time on the show going over these disconnects. i got a biggie for you. in the real world breaking up is one of the most miserable experiences you can imagine. and wall street corporate breakups are often wonderful, just a fantastic way for companies to unlock value! that's why i like to play the role of reverse matchmaker, matchmaker, don't make me a match on "mad money," putting out whenever i think a company should split itself up in order to bring out value for you, the shareholder! and tonight i've got a terrific breakup candidate for you. it's an idea that occurred to me last week after we had mike
3:17 am
jennings, the ceo of the terrific oil refiner holly frontier on the show. that guy is tremendous. i'm taking him over greg jennings in fantasy. the nonfootball jennings pointed out the refining business in this country was on fire and more important it could stay that way for longer than i and many others believe. that's interesting because it got me thinking. we know when an integrated oil company spins off its refining business it's been a winning combination. how do we know that? because of marathon and because of conoco. both have done it, made you serious money in the process. which led me to wonder. is there another integrated oil that might not be getting enough credit for its refining options considering what we heard from holly frontier? the answer is yes. or more specifically it hess, the oil and gas company. hess is exactly what we want in a breakup play.
3:18 am
it's got terrific assets but has been very undermanaged to the point where the stock is worth a lot less than some of its parts. the company has a management team that i think is starting to realize things got to change. back on july 25th, hess laid out details of what they called their long-term restructuring strategy. it is not the breakup that i'm proposing here but it's a decent start. the idea is to get hess's exploration and production business on the right track by selling off non-core assets and using proceeds to pay for more drilling in a smaller number of key areas being like at bakken shale. come on, north carolina, people. that was one of the first ones there. i think the plan makes sense. it signals management's open mindedness. willing to make big, bold changes. it announced assets sales a part interest in fields and a pipeline that brings total sales to $2 billion.
3:19 am
and management has hinted they might sell more than small assets. he is ease refine -- hess's refining business is just a small part of the refinery. if they were to spin it off and rationalize the hess production side, the stock could be worth a heck of a lot more than where it's trading now. let's break it up. let's start with the explore air -- exploration side of things, known as the up stream in the oil business. all the way up. the market is not giving hess credit at all. hess could certainly sell some of these positions to another oil company for a pretty penny and unlock huge value for shareholders. the latest results are very strong. i've seen estimates saying part of hess's business could be worth up to $25 a share. hess is just a $53 stock.
3:20 am
hess also has a joint venture in ohio's utica shale, battleground state. that could be the next big shale discovery. people are going back and forth on that. pretty now analysts are not assigning any value to the utica business at all. i think this could pay off big down the line. how about the international side? in west africa hess has assets that should be worth at least $11 a share now. we're at 36 when you add them up. in europe they have terrific north sea holdings worth $8, $44 a share, malaysia, thailand, indonesia, filled with oil. let's put a $17 valuation. do the arithmetic. some of the parts for just the exploration side of hess come to $61 a share. just that side is worth 14% higher than where the stock is now. it could get there through their judicious asset sales or joint venture. right now they are getting zero credit for the refining business.
3:21 am
less than zero. hess has a 65,000 barrel per day refinery in new jersey. they also own 1,300 service stations along the east coast, the majority of which have convenience stores on the site. those stores are so clean you could eat off the floor of them. though i don't know why you'd want to eat off the floor. but you certainly use their bathrooms over the other guys. but how many are they worth? valero just spun off their business. hess's should be worth about $2 billion. that translates to $6 per share. if they announced they were breaking up and selling off their refinery division, the stock could shoot up $6. both marathon, pete and phillips 66 have given you tremendous gains. both of them are now at 52-week highs. here's the bottom line.
3:22 am
hess is the most schizophrenic breakup candidate i've ever seen. there are just so many ways this company can unlock value, it could spin off the refining business, sell stakes in oil assets and management has got to be receptive to the ideas because they've already got their own plan to unlock value, all of which means hess gives you a lot of ways to win and you thought the only gift you get from these guys are those fabulous toys! stay with cramer! >> coming up, growth model? retail stocks have been in fashion on wall street but which companies will stay in style in this fickle space in tonight the hottest models strut their stuff on the runway and cramer decides who's got the right look. you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture,
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♪ ♪ >> now that fashion week's in full swing in new york city, i think this is the perfect time to circle back to some of the retailers that are really nailing it on the fashion side of the equation. lately retail's been on fire. if you want to know the difference between a good retail stock and a great one, it all comes down to execution. and not just any kind of execution. in this business the strongest performers are the ones with the best eyes for style. if you have the merchandise
3:26 am
people want, consumers will show up at your stores. that's something manny tirico made clear when we spoke to him at the tommy hilfiger store last thursday. tonight i want to draw your attention to five fashionistas that are getting things right. best of all, i think they could all have more room to run. let's do this in true fashion show format. the first fashionista to strut down the catwalk, michael kors, one of the hottest apparel plays out there, since he came public last december at $20 a share. with the stock now at $53 and change, michael kors is almost too sexy for itself. almost. but not quite. he has a focus on accessories, including handbags. the company beat estimates off
3:27 am
14 cents off a 20 cent basis. that's one of the best beats we've had this year. northern same-store sales increased by 24.2%! even better, kors gave up side guidance for the rest of the year, has consistently generated blowout numbers. and these were more of the same. some of this is because the company has been rolling out retail stores but mostly because kors keeps nailing the fashion. the stock got dinged today, fall are more than $2 on the filing of a secondary. given how strong the sales and earnings are, i am urging you to buy the stock on the deal. if you can't get in, buy it on the open market. it's a terrific entry point and a truly terrific stock knocked down because of selling that i'm not worried about. >> the next fashionista on our catwalk, this one might come up as a surprise. it's gap! yes, but not gap. the symbol is gps.
3:28 am
after spending years in the wilderness wear, gap and its other two concepts, old navy and banana republic were regarded as the antithesis of fashion, gap has its groove back. since the end of may the stock is up 8 points, 34%. it's taken a long time. the turn is clearly happening. ceo glen murphy, a lot of people underestimate him, including moi, has made a series of new hires and focused on the color and fit of the clothes. now that they have the product right, they're advertising heavily to get people back in the store. there's a lot of value there. it is working. more important the company raised guidance for the year. the guides and matters more than the preview, the rear view. i'm calling it phenomenal. who's next on the runway? how about nordstrom's, jwn.
3:29 am
this is a high-quality luxury department store with 231 locations, 31 states. it's taking share because it has more exposure than any other department store out there to footwear, to accessories and beauty, three of the hottest categories out there. nordstrom has as you had excellent customer service. i love shopping there. lately they've been making very smart partnerships with popular brands like peak and top shop. plus the company is a rapidl growing nordstrom rack business, which i like. nordstrom same-store sales, a whopping 21% gain. that's the kind of massive beat to expectations that tells you they're nailing the fashion side of the equation. fourth, we've got urban outfitters. the company behind not just urban but also anthropology and free people. this is another comeback story. it seemed like urban just
3:30 am
couldn't get the fashion right no matter how hard they tried. the merchandise was not what the customers wanted. back in january, urban's founder and chairman richard hahn came back and replaced glen sink as ceo. so far it seems to be working. when urban reported back on august 20th, they knocked it out of the park. all-time high today, delivering a 9 cent earnings beat on 33 cent basis on higher than expected revenues that rose 11% year over year. inventory per skate -- square foot was down 5%. gross margins are improving. i think we'll hear more about this turn at urban's analyst day at the end of the month, september 27th. you might want to buy this one. by the way, i visited two anthropology stores last week, one in short hills mall, the other in new jersey, the other in newbury street in boston, both were packed, they had fabulous housewares, too, at
3:31 am
colorful apparel. i love the incredibly helpful and well mannered people behind the register. and our final fashionista? >> wow! >> lululemon, that's right, lulu. oh, boy, is it controversial. the athletic apparel chain that just reported a spectacular gain last quarter. they're a rapidly growing retailer, two new outlet stores, based with just 189 new locations. lulu has a huge proprietary edge. it's how the company can post a 50% increase in same-store sales last quarter. you can consider them a technology company as they're constantly using technology to come up with innovative new products, like anti-stink pants, which is how they can charge $100 for a pair of yoga pants. it's a trend, it's a lifestyle.
3:32 am
it's more than a cult, it's a culture. it's going to take a long time before this comes down again. the short sellers hate this company,. they're constantly saying it's slowing down. that's where the opportunity may come in. everybody else in this industry would pray for a slowdown. if a slowdown is what lululemon having. here's the bottom line, retail has been really hot lately. but when you play the sector, remember, especially as fashion week continues in manhattan, the best performers tend to be companies that are getting the fashion right and at the moment those fashionistas are michael kors, gap, nordstrom's, urban outfitters and lulu. let's go to robert in california. robert. >> caller: jim, calling from america's finest city regarding fran's, francesca's holdings.
3:33 am
they have terrific growth, more stores coming up all the time, good profits, sales increases and all of a sudden the stock drops 15%. got any ideas on that one? >> didn't we have a little management turmoil there? didn't we have a little change of pace there at francesca's? i think that's what's nailed it, 5 below, a little disappointing there. okay, let me just get this straight. i know i was going to do a segment on this thing because i really feel there's a lot to be said and until i have more on it, i am not going to opine. yeah, they -- yeah, there was a change in management. the ceo decided to retire. not unlike what happened at melonex technology. where the cfo decided to retire. we're going to opine on this on a separate thing. i got to find out how much it matters that the ceo retired. that's what drove the stock down. >> let's go to nate in virginia, please. nate? >> caller: booyah from
3:34 am
arlington, virginia, jimmy. >> booyah back at you. >> caller: a big thank you for your wisdom. a big fan of getting back to even and especially your wisdom on deep in the money call. >> that is the strategy. chipotle is back 40 points from where we said it bottomed out. i still think deep in the money calls is the way to play chipotle. >> caller: in diversifying, i looked at so-called growth stocks, a pair of beauty suppliers, ulta and sally beauty. what sectors are these? does the recent good tidings in ulta, does that spell -- >> i'm not as close to sally beauty. i thought the ulta was terrific. now here's the problem. this is a very high-risk story. you mentioned using deep in the money calls. ulta is a deep in the money call play.
3:35 am
it tends to be buffeted by the shorts. those that think i just recommended trading apple by mentioning the deep in the money, i'm just saying i need you to invest in apple however you can. ulta is best made by paying off your money calls. looking for glamorous profits? who isn't? smack in the middle of new york city's fashion week, here are the stocks i say you should be looking at. kors, gap, nordstrom's, urban outfitter and lulu. stay with cramer. >> coming up, bidding more? last week american capital reality trust got a takeover bid. but with barely any premium, could other suitors be circling around this property? don't miss cramer's exclusive with its chairman just ahead. ♪ ♪ we're gonna have, we're gonna have ♪ ♪ we're gonna have a good day [ female announcer ] wouldn't it be nice
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it is time for the lightning round! are you ready? skee-daddy. hayden in georgia. >> caller: booyah, jim! >> boo-booyah! >> caller: i decided to go with the crowd. i think it's a good one. i do prefer. annalee.
3:39 am
>> bobby in virginia. >> caller: jim, virginia tech hokie booyah! >> i'll give you a brian sullivan hokie booyah back at you. >> caller: my stock is southwest energy. >> it's cheap, it's cheap. it isn't enough for me but it is cheap and it's a well-run company. scott in florida. scott. >> caller: big booyah to you from fort lauderdale! >> love it, sunshine. love it. >> caller: hey, hold or sell? >> it's been horrendous. ludnick was on. it's been horrendous. i don't know what to say. it does have a great yield. we heard what he had to say. he spoke positively about it but it has not ban winner. it's been a loser. tyson in california, please. tyson. >> caller: a big boo to the ya to you.
3:40 am
ford motor company, please. >> the problem with ford is not the united states where things are terrific and mark fields is on this morning saying a lot of good things. the problems are in latin america and the problems are in europe. i think the stock is just a hold, not a buy, not a sell. i need to go to gene in texas. jeanne! >> caller: yes, thanks for taking my call, jim. i'm calling about permian basin trust. >> the problem with all these is they are cutting back. a lot of them are cutting yield and distributions. i'm staying away from this group for now. let's go to sol in new york. >> caller: booyah from the big apple, jim. >> liking it. >> caller: with the recent drug approvals, what are your feelings on dndn? >> no, no, no. i don't like it. very cloudy future and crowded place. let's go to elvis in iowa. elvis! >> caller: booyah from des
3:41 am
moines iowa. >> like it. >> i have a question about amarin, fda approval a couple months ago. >> as long as you recognize this is pure speck because this had a very big move. i will bless it only as a speck. >> i need to go to john in massachusetts. john. >> caller: big booyah, jim. trinity, tra. >> rail cars very, very hot. i know they're needed. that said i'm going to take a pass. stocks had a very big move. george in new york. george! >> caller: yeah, booyah, jim bo from a philadelphian. >> love it. what's up? >> caller: hey, i need to know about walmart. i've been hearing so much mixed emotions about it. >> all right, last quarter wasn't that good, stock 75-71 anbounces back to 73. we wait for a retest of 73 before we pull the trigger. and that is the conclusion of the lightning round!
3:42 am
>> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001. since then, there's been one wedding, 2 kids, and 43 bottles of olay total effects. so in spite of 185 tantrums 378 pre-dawn starts and a lot of birthdays, caroline still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay you can challenge what's possible. 60 years, millions of women, real results.
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normally when a company agrees to sell itself, management is applauded, not criticized and vilified. that happened last thursday. american reality capital trust, arct that i recommended back in july plans to sell itself to reality income in an all-stock deal worth about $1.9 billion. there's a lot of frustration here. in part because the immediate takeover premium was tiny. but also because they only began trading on the nasdaq since march. some investors feel like they're losing an opportunity to make long-term money in a terrific company with a huge dividend. some accused the company of
3:46 am
leaving money on the table. however, i think it's kind of ridiculous. when we had arct on the show on july 12th, we had a 14% return. in just two months. hey, sorry, that's win. we're going to get all our questions answered, which is why i'm thrilled to have nick schorsch, the chairman, with us here tonight. welcome back to "mad money." >> have a seat. >> thanks, jim. to me, you came on, you said people should buy the stock, they're getting -- they have a nice capital gain and also have a dividend. how are you -- what are you saying to shareholders about why they should vote for the deal? >> it's pretty simple. reality income is a great company and they have a tremendous balance sheet. if you look at the accretion, it increases the dividend by 13 cents a share. or 7.1%. this company has raised its dividend 67 times in a row. and it's about 20 to 22 cents
3:47 am
accretive on an ffo basis, which is the way real estate companies are measured. on top of all that, our investors get the benefit of their multiple. when you look at the overall strategy, we trade at about a 15 to 16 multiple. they're trading at a 19 to 20 multiple. when you take our assets on their balance sheets, it's much more productive and you have the synergistic values of their savings. because you don't have duplicative management. they're only going to be hiring four people, none of our people are moving over. there's a significant cost savings for the investor. we believe one plus one equals three. >> you did have a great quarter. >> great quarter. >> the stock was headed higher. i mean, a lot of people, there was a lawsuit that was filed because the stocks -- the takeover premium was only 2.1% over the day before, the average for the group is 38%. if you came in in july, it's a pretty good gain.
3:48 am
>> absolutely. and if you look at the performance of the company, it's been very good and we've been trading in a very good place but look at their balance sheet. they're a much more mature company. together this will be the first what we would consider to be the mega reits in the net lease space. there are no large reits in the net lease state. reality is the largest by far but now you have somebody with more than an $11 billion balance sheet. that gives them a much better cost to capital to acquire additional assets. it is a win for our investors. as their stock trades up and our stock trades you, they trade in lock step. there is no cap or collar so there is no limit on how much the stock can move and it has. >> explain what expertise they will add to your company. you guys were i felt pretty much best in the leased back business. >> absolutely. i think our team is great, their team is great. i don't think there's a net loss or gain in the management side but they do have a much more mature balance sheet.
3:49 am
so when you look at their ability to raise capital on a long-term basis, look at the fact that they're triple b plus split rated, there is an expertise there of being able to be a low-cost capital provider. so from an earnings standpoint, there's a definite benefit. the other side of it is is look at what it does to the overall size, over 3,000 properties now and 44 million square feet. that really gives the investors more stability and a better risk adjusted return. >> when you were on, it didn't sound like you were done. it kind of felt like you guys were in it for the long hauls. if you find something that's more attractive than a longer term, you feel like this together is worth a lot more than what you can generate? you're a pretty good manager. i felt there was a lot ahead. >> well, let me be very blunt. i think the fact is it's all about the shareholder. our job as public company executives is to find the most accretive way for our shareholders --
3:50 am
>> not the highest initial price. >> not highest initial price but long term. it is the highest initial price. we hit a new high after the transaction. the stock has broke up. it did break over $13 a share. >> i thought it would stay there. >> the markets are moving. the johnson markets moved. where it ends up over the next 90 to 120 days is obviously what the markets are all about. when you look at risk adjusted capital, we're trying to find our investors the best place for capital. the portfolio is terrific. it will be great on their balance sheet. when you have a situation where there's no but fors, we're bigger, there's no diverse, great credit quality, leases are long, this is a very great merger. this is not where either company is fixing the business model and it's leverage neutral. >> that's why this is the only deal that i've come across where i'm telling people to stay with it.
3:51 am
don't sell, don't ring the register, tender, get the new company. new company's worth is worth a lot more than it was before this deal. >> we're staying in on the same basis. if you notice, we have about $45 as management invested in reality income after the merger so we belief in this transaction. >> that's nick schorsch manager of american reality capital trust. i never look a gift horse in the mouth. [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere.
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it's time for the laggers to do some lifting. the two biggest laggers are alcoa and bank of america. suffice it to say of the major challenge of the companies left standing after the greatest recession, these are standout terrible performers.
3:54 am
bank of america was at one point participating in the biggest rally that came from the bottom in 2009 and reached as high as 19 in 2010. it had that sickening slide down to $5 courtesy of selling of two funds and heavy withdrawals in part of because of the name. i could argue things have gotten better at both. it doesn't matter. he's been dealing with an aluminum glut of insane proportions. chinese overproduce simply to keep people working. it would be cheaper and cleaner
3:55 am
to import aluminum from alcoa, ain't happening. wells fargo gets much more out of its clients than bank of america. gross margins and working with existing customers and new business lines is very high. of all the bad hands coming out of the great recession, bac is the worst. it overpaid for merrill lynch when it was about to go under, an extremely stupid acquisition of countrywide credit, which would have long gone under. both have charts that look like breakouts to me. neither has any catalyst i've seen to back that breakout. alcoa has to deal with the down shift in china and austerity drives in europe. they're so far behind the rest of the market. they seem like a catchup place. my take, as much as i think kleinfeld is great, i would rather play with vale. that's what i'm doing with my charitable trust.
3:56 am
i'm not a jump up and you down fan for brian moynihan at bank of america. he should have been able to get more control by now. if you love bank of america, love wells fargo. stick with cramer. what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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after the close two disappointments. palo alto networks was basically saying things are slowing. i got to be careful there. 5 below, however, i thought was good. the stock sold down really hard, 10% and kind of bounced back. we're going to take a hard look at these conference calls. you can't take action until you listen to the conference calls. apple down 20. you know what? let it keep falling. got a big product introduction. never pays to trade it. ahead we're looking for an inme


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